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Humphrey - HIDDEN TUNES Book 1

Are you frustrated at your pupil's reluctance to READ the music. Try this clever carrot-and-stick approach, using very well-known songs! Your pupils will be hungry to discover more and more of these songs.

Hidden Tunes reverses the normal sightreading approach that uses unknown music. Instead, the pitch of very well known iconic songs are printed minus the rhythm. The only way a student can identify the songs is to play the right notes. Book 1 is for hands separately.

There are 24 songs to be 'discovered'. Most students will have heard most of these songs before and will identify them from the pitch alone. They then add the rhythm as and when they are capable of playing the right notes. There is no time pressure, and there is no mathematics of rhythm to solve. The book is solely about pitch. The pleasure of hearing the right notes far outweighs the abandonment of written rhythm.